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The Benefits of a Personalised Skin Care Routine

The benefits of a personalised skin care routine cannot be overstated. Your skin is unique and so should your products. Skin types vary in so many ways; this means that different methods will be necessary for managing each type. A personalised skin care routine helps to address your individual skins needs  while also helping you to better understand your skin and what it needs in order to look and feel healthy and radiant. Studies and regulatory bodies such as the American Academy of Dermatology have long supported personalised skin care routines to improve overall quality of skin.

In this blog, Dr Anna Puri discusses why personalised skin care is so important.

What are the benefits of a personalised skin care routine?

To get great results with your skin , you don’t need to use a lot of products or to purchase the most expensive brands.  The key to success is using the right products for your skin type.

There are many benefits to a personalised skin care routine;

  • Personalisation is the key to understanding your own needs and getting them addressed properly. Your beauty isn’t one-size-fits all, so why should you use products that are?
  • Personalising your skin care can also help reduce adverse reactions by using products that won’t irritate sensitive areas of your face.
  • Personalized treatments mean that ingredients and products are hand selected according to what your skin needs. Whether it be hydration and moisture or a more robust anti aging serum, customized options get straight to work on restoring balance in your complexion without all the guesswork from over-the-counter brands.
  • In addition, by using different products at various times during the day (morning moisturizer vs night-time spot treatment), not only will this help maintain the integrity of your skin by not over-exposing it to any one product, but you will also be able to use higher concentrations and stronger ingredients at specific points in the day.
  • In the long run personalized skincare is less expensive than the alternative because you won’t be continuously buying over-the-counter products that may or may not work.
  • Finally, when using products that work in synergy with one another (with higher concentrations at certain points during the day) they will have an even more cumulative effect than any individual product could accomplish alone.

What is skin type?

For decades five well known core skin types have been used to characterise skin: dry, oily, normal, combination and sensitive. I am often asked in my clinic by patients why their skin didn’t respond to the same products their friend did when their skin types seemed so similar. Or why the product they purchased that was specified as for oily skin didn’t help their acne In fact there’s so much more to your skin than these five categories. Your skin has many characteristics the combination of these is what makes your skin unique; from how it responds, to products to the specific skin concerns it is prone to, as well as whether it is prone to redness or peeling or neither. In addition age, ethnicity and lifestyle factors also determine whether skin is more likely to develop certain characteristics such a pigmentation and fine lines/wrinkles. Your skins characteristics can also change over time due to hormone, environment and change sin our lifestyle. At Skinora we consider all these characteristics and more to truly understand and treat skin on an individual level. Our team of medical experts have characterised over 30 skin types based on skin characteristics that plus a consultation with you to better understand skin means a truly personalised skincare experience.

About Skinora’s skin typing

Our unique skin typing considers a range of key characteristics as well as lifestyle, environment and age in this way we take a holistic approach to skincare to really understand and treat your unique skin. In this way treatments are more targeted and effective in achieving your skin goals. Our skin type quiz looks at the bigger picture and takes into account all your skins needs. Rather than the conventional 5 categories Skinora’s medical experts  have identified over 30 skin categories based on a multitude of characteristics assessed in the skin type quiz. But we don’t stop there, to really understand your unique skin even further we offer a consultation with one of our skin experts to personalise your skincare experience and understanding of your skin and skincare routine.

What can you expect from a skin consultation at Skinora?

After you complete your skin type quiz you will be taken to a booking system where you are offered a 1 on 1 virtual consultation by video or phone with a Skinora skin expert. This consultation allows your skin expert to get a better understanding of your skin and your skin goals . In turn your skin expert will be able to recommend specific ingredients and provide advice on a skincare routine for your skin that is safe and effective and personalised to your needs.

At skinora we want you to feel educated about your skin and confident in your product choices, knowing that what you’re using is actually making a difference. We’ll target skin issues both inside and out for a healthy and radiant complexion.

About Skinora’s  doctors

Myself, Dr.Anna Puri  and my co-founder Dr. Lucinda Appiah have experience in  treating a wide range of medical skin conditions to maintaining and restoring skin health. Having each spent over a decade  in medical training to achieve our qualifications we have developed the skills and expertise to treat a variety of skin conditions.

Having completed my medical degree at the University of St Andrews and University of Manchester in 2005 I continued my training as a GP. My medical background combined with my love for skincare led on to me studying and qualifying in medical aesthetics and cosmeceutical skincare in 2009. A few years later I met a patient whose  experience with online  skincare will never leave me. She was  suffering from low self-esteem and depression after developing permanent scarring on her face, caused by a skincare product she bought online that was not suitable for her skin type . The impact on my  patients mental health and well being   really affected me.  I wanted to develop a  safer way for our patients to access expert skincare advice and trusted products and formulations.

I discussed my concerns of unregulated skincare with my colleague  Dr Appiah . We  were deeply affected by the physical and emotional damage caused by adverse reactions to mismatched and counterfeit skincare products. Many patients had little awareness of the ingredients in the products they bought online. We decided that a holistic and personalised approach was needed.

About Dr Lucinda Appiah

Dr Appiah is a highly experienced  GP known for her compassion in medicine and patient care. She studied at the Imperial College London and completed her medical degree in 2009.She later went on to attain her postgraduate certification with merit in Aesthetic Medicine at Queen Mary University in London. Dr Appiah continues to practice as a GP and also has extensive experience in treating a range of skin conditions. She brings her 12 years of medical knowledge and compassion in all aspects of patient care to every aspect of Skinora.

We believe in a holistic approach to skincare with an emphasis on really listening to our clients and understanding their skin needs, lifestyle and goals.This allows us to create personalised skin programmes that target skin concerns at their core to deliver effective results that not only give you healthy looking skin but boost your confidence.

How can Skinora’s Personalized Skin typing help you?

The benefits go beyond just how good your skin looks – they extend into how well you feel when using products that suit exactly what is going on with your complexion. In addition, personalized care means no more guessing as to which type or level of formulation would work best for you – meaning less time trying out new things and better results instead! It’s like having a dermatologist in your pocket 🙂

About the Author: Anna Puri

Dr Anna Puri is an Aesthetic doctor and GP with over 14 years experience in both the medical and aesthetic fields. She completed her undergraduate training at the University of St Andrews and University of Manchester. She continues to work both as an Aesthetic doctor at her clinics in Ascot and Kew and as a GP. Dr Anna brings her holistic approach to all aspects of the care she provides with a strong focus on advice and treatment that is specifically tailored to her patients expectations and needs. She has worked with cosmeceutical skin care brands and treated a wide range of skin concerns for over a decade. Dr Anna has a special interest in Antiaging skincare and procedures . Dr Anna's work has been featured in various magazines including Lux and The Aesthetics Journal. You can follow Dr Anna on the SkinoraUK instagram page and Skinora YouTube channel.

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Last update: July 24th, 2021

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