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Our team of medical experts have not only identified over 25 different skin types but have also developed a skin assesment that individualises every skin type

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We are excited to create a custom skincare programme for you! Please tell us about your lifestyle and skin factors.

What are your main skin concerns?

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What is your skin type?

What is your skin tone?

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What is your current skincare regime

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What skincare brand(s) are you currently using?

When you first wake before applying moisturiser does your skin feel tight?

Do you have clogged pores (blackheads or white heads)

Do you have fine lines or wrinkles?

Do you have acne or spots?

Does your face get red after moderate exercise, stress or strong emotion?

After a pimple do you develop a dark brown or black spot?

Do you suffer with pigmentation (freckles/brown spots)?

Have you engaged in tanning for more than 2 weeks per year?

When you are exposed to the sun your skin...

Do skincare products ever cause you to itch, break out or sting?

Are you pregnant or breast feeding or planning to be?

Are you taking any prescription medications?

Have you ever had a reaction or allergy to a skincare product or any medicine or ingredient?

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Do you have any undiagnosed skin lesions on your face?

We advise any undiagnosed lesions are reviewed by your GP before starting any new skincare products

Do you have enlarged pores?

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What happens next?

  • Our dedicated skin doctors will carefully analyse your answers and skin profile

  • Once completed, they'll put together your personalised skincare regime...

  • This includes a list of hand-selected products recommended just for you.

Skinora stories

I was extremely impressed with the attention to detail that the skin care quiz demonstrated. The products I received are of a very high standard and I love that they have been chosen specifically to compliment my own skin. Looking forward to seeing great results with my personalised regime!

Jess E, Northern Ireland

Skinora takes the time to understand your skin care needs in a way that is informative, indepth and innovative. The process actually helped me learn about my own skin and recommended product options that were tailored to my needs. Thanks Skinora!!!

Neyat B, London

The whole process was so simple and professional! Now I have a personalised routine in place best suited to my skin, Absolutely fantastic! My skin feels amazing!

Sam D, Berkshire

I have been using the products recommended to me by my Skinora doctor for 4 weeks and already my skin has transformed!' I no longer need to wear foundation. Not only was the regime personalised to me but the aftercare with my skin doctor was exceptional with advice from Dr Anna on how to use and layer products and tweak my regime to ensure I got the results I wanted. I have been getting so many compliments!

Kiran, Northeast

The quiz is very thorough and took me through each aspect of my skin and skincare routine, even things that I'd never thought of! I am now looking forward to trying out my products!

Faria S, London

Skinora have been amazing in helping me find the right products to work with my skin. The personal recommendations gave me options to create the best regime to deal with my skin issues.

Vicky L, Newcastle

It was so refreshing having someone who knows what they are talking about, listen to my skin concerns and find the right products for me. It was reassuring to have regular messages sent to me by my Skinora Doctor, checking on how I was getting on. Skinora is like my own personal skincare secret, except not so secret, I have told all my friends.

Hannah, Surrey