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Taz’s Skin Journey


My name is Taz, I’m a civil servant and 50 years old. I wasn’t always confident to say my age, but
since seeing Dr Anna Puri and using the products she recommended to me, I feel like I’ve got my
confidence back.

Pre Consultation

I found Skinora through Dr Anna Puri, who had been my skin doctor for years. I have been struggling
with pigmentation on my face from a holiday where I burnt my cheeks and forehead. I contacted Dr
Anna because I’d tried so many over-the-counter products, but nothing worked and I knew whatever
she told me to use would be right for my skin, I’d be in good hands. I liked the idea of Skinora because as well
as pigmentation, I was turning 50 and wanted to take better care of my skin. I had noticed my skin lacked a glow and also
dark circles around my eyes and wanted to get rid of them. I told Dr Anna my goal was to be
able to be proud of my skin and show it off without makeup.

The Consultation 

After filling out the Skinora quiz I had my consultation with Dr Anna, which was great because she
already knew my skin so well. She discussed my skin type and helped me to really understand my skin concerns.

She recommended a number of products which I also researched to make
sure I knew exactly what I was using, and they seemed like a perfect fit. I knew I could trust her,
she’s the expert!

My Skinora Box

I was so excited when my first Skinora box arrived, it was so pretty I ended up
keeping it. I loved that it was personalised, there were samples I knew I could actually use because
they’d been chosen for me, and the written instructions helped me to remember my routine after a
long day.

My Results

Initially my skin flared up a little, but I persevered, because I’d spoken to Dr Anna and she’d warned me that it can take time for skin to adjust to new products. It was lovely to be to be able to talk to her through that period, she kept
encouraging me to keep going and after a few weeks – just like she said – my skin started to
Now I’ve stuck with my skin routine I feel like there’s been a huge improvement, and I feel so
confident with how my skin looks, it has a glow I’ve never had before! In fact my pigmentation has
cleared up so well that my 87 year old mother asked to talk to Dr Anna about her skin issues. Now
we both have our own Skinora approved routines and my mum is also looking and feeling great! I’ve also
introduced my sister-in-law to Dr Anna, so we really are a family of Skinora converts!
Ultimately, I wanted to show off my skin and be ‘me’, no makeup or filters, and through Skinora I’ve
finally been able to achieve that. I took a photo recently and when I looked at it I couldn’t believe it
was me! I actually used it as my WhatsApp photo and my husband messaged saying he’d never knew
my skin was so beautiful, and that I was glowing! That’s the best compliment I could have, and I’m so
proud to be able to say that.

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Last update: September 20th, 2021

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