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Strengthen Your Skin Barrier

You may have heard or read the phrase ‘skin barrier’ when researching new skincare products or reading skincare-related content – but what does it actually mean? We’ll be unpacking what a skin barrier is, and why it’s so important to give it daily TLC.

What is the skin barrier?

In simple terms, your skin’s barrier is the watertight seal that ensures the outer layers of your skin sit snugly together. It helps to keep irritants at bay and lock moisture in.

When these outer layers are healthy, you’ll notice your skin feels supple, plump and beautifully soft. Damaged outer skin layers, on the other hand, will be rough, dry and appear dull in complexion.

Why does keeping your skin barrier healthy matter?

When your skin barrier becomes compromised, it loses the capacity to hang on to the vital elements that keep skin cells in tip-top shape – think ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids such as linoleic acid. The consequences of this include vulnerability to external aggressors and the skin’s inability to rejuvenate once signs of ageing and breakouts manifest.

If you’re reading this and worrying that this sounds all too familiar, don’t worry. There are things you can do to give your skin barrier some TLC, and to maintain better skin.


So, how can I keep my skin barrier in great shape?

Nourish it correctly: provide your skin barrier with the nourishment you need, with products such as Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore, which contains natural cholesterol, which will work to improve elasticity and support the skin’s structure. This fantastic cream also contains ceramides to restore the integrity and health of your skin. Hyaluronic acid is also a must for building your skin barrier back up, and indeed to maintain it, giving it the essential hydration it needs.

Use an SPF every day (even if it’s cloudy)!: it’s so easy to be caught out by the illusion that UV rays aren’t a threat on those cloudy days. In reality, UV rays are still very much present, even if the sun isn’t shining. Use an SPF of at least 30 each day and up this to 50 in the summer months, in a bid to protect your skin barrier from suffering from dryness and long term sun damage.

Stay clear of abrasive scrubs: opt for gentle exfoliants that you can leave on, as opposed to abrasive scrubs that risk causing tiny tears in your skin’s surface over time, causing your skin barrier to deteriorate.

Timing and portion control are key: make sure you’re using the correct concentration for your skin and be sure you’re applying the right products at the right times. You should be using your exfoliant in the AM and retinol products in the PM, for example. This will ensure they can best perform for your skin barrier.

Do you have sensitive, red or dry skin? A barrier strengthening product is a must!

If you suffer from sensitive, red or dry skin and are yet to incorporate a skin barrier strengthening product in your routine, try these barrier-boosting product recommendations from the Skinora doctors:

Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore

  • Extremely beneficial for dry skin, providing 8 hours of essential hydration.
  • Refills cellular lipids and improves smoothness and overall radiance, helping to fortify your skin barrier. This also helps promote even skin texture.
  • Comprised of skin barrier-friendly ingredients that have been proven to get results. These include natural cholesterol, fatty acids and ceramides.


Neostrata Restore Bionic Face Cream

  • Includes Bionic Acid, a natural humectant that creates a water-binding matric that helps draw moisture to your skin barrier.
  • Perfectly complements microdermabrasion treatments and at-home peels, or any other treatment that can cause skin sensitivity.
  • Over 91% of Neostrata customers surveyed noticed improvements in skin smoothness, resilience and radiance.



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Last update: April 28th, 2022

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