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Nadia’s Skin Journey



Life (skin) before meeting Skinora

Hi, I’m Nadia and I’m an 18-year-old student. I have suffered from mild acne for about four years, and initially I attempted to solve this myself by using harsh and drying products that only damaged my natural moisture barrier. Eventually, I reached out to multiple dermatologists which all recommended me the same topical treatments, as well as multiple rounds of oral medication. This did help, but it was a temporary solution as the acne only came back stronger. As my skin was constantly fluctuating between being ‘good’ and ‘bad’, this did have an impact on my self-esteem, especially as a young teen entering adulthood. In addition to that, having to wear a face covering due to COVID caused my skin to freak out and made me believe that there was nothing else I could do. My mum stumbled upon Skinora and recommended that I should also take a skin type quiz. I was very reluctant to experimenting with products, as previously mentioned – I simply did not think there was anything that would make the acne go away. My opinion changed immediately after listening to my mum’s consultation, after which I completed my own skin type quiz and booked a consultation.

Consultation with your Skinora Doctor/Expert

My consultation with Dr. Lucinda was incredible, she patiently listened to all my skin concerns and goals, as well as asking detailed questions to further figure out my skin type. She was highly informative, explaining how every individual product would work for my skin and how my skin could react to them, as well as what I should expect from the new regime. I felt very comforted by her, as I knew that the products were tailored exactly to suit my skin type and help fulfil my skin goals.


Box (contents in the box, presentation and packaging, personalised cards, instructions)

My first Skinora box was better than anything that I could have ever imagined. Not only were the products beautifully packaged, but I also received a step-by-step handwritten routine for which products should be used together and how frequently. The free samples were also a very nice touch.


Results (your skin transformation)



Before regime
3 weeks later
3 months later


Results were not instant, and it was not a smooth journey as my skin did react to the new products. However, Dr. Lucinda did reassure me that this was completely normal and that it would take a lot of patience. This is another thing that I really enjoyed about Skinora, the fact that it did not end at the consultation. Dr. Lucinda caught up with me regularly to ensure that the regime did not cause my skin to become irritated, as well as introducing me to new products that could be introduced into my routine. She had also been so supportive and proud of all my progress, making the journey much more comforting. After only two months I saw massive changes, faster than I could have ever expected! I have finally reached a point where I am able to feel confident in my own skin without drowning it in makeup, and I thank Skinora for that. There is still a long journey ahead of me as my skin heals, but I know that with time and Skinora I will be able to achieve my goals 🙂

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Last update: May 30th, 2021

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