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How to layer skincare products


When you use skincare products, it is important to layer them correctly to get the results you want. We all have our own unique skincare needs, so there is an optimal cocktail of products that is perfect for everyone’s specific skin needs. You need to find the products that contain the right ingredients and, crucially, apply them in the correct order. This will enable you to experience the maximum benefit and achieve the results you want.

Products must be applied the right way In the right quantity in the right order.

This will help you achieve longer lasting, superior results that will stay visible over time

Why do we layer products?

The short answer to this question is that no single product is able to do everything your skin needs. Every product is aimed at meeting a specific need, containing certain ingredients that target certain skin concerns.

When layering products, the most important thing is to apply those with a lighter, thinner texture first. You then work up to the product with the heaviest, thickest texture. The reason for this is that if the thicker textures are applied first, they will block the thinner textured products from accessing the skin.

Products with thinner textures are made up of smaller molecules that penetrate the skin and absorb quickly. Once you have applied these, you can layer the heavier products, which consist of larger molecules that take longer to permeate the skin.

Having said that, it’s important to remember that sunscreen should always be applied last in the morning. This is regardless of whether it has a light or heavy texture, because it is the final protective layer that needs to stop the sun’s harmful rays from reaching the skin.


What if you have more than one thin-textured serum?

The general rule is that, when using multiple serums, always apply the one with the thinnest texture first. If, however, you have two (or more) with roughly the same texture, there is another rule. Apply the one with the most active ingredients first, or the one that you feel is most important for your specific skin concerns.

The time of day when products are applied is also very important:

In the morning, your regime should be focused on providing protection for your skin through everything the day throws at you.

During the day, antioxidants and sunscreen are most important because they protect against the most harmful things your day will throw at your skin.

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In the evening, you should aim to treat specific skin concerns and promote overall skin health. Certain products, like retinol, should only be applied in the evening because it actually increases your skin’s susceptibility to the sun.


Where does moisturiser come into it?

The actives you use should always be applied to thoroughly cleansed skin – this is essential. The goal is to maximise the effectiveness of those actives to target your skin concerns and moisturiser can block these effects. Some people use moisturiser to aid in building up a tolerance for actives but a far better way to do this is to only use the active every 2-3 days.

When you first start out with actives, a moisturiser that contains no actives at all can help with building a tolerance. Skinora has done all the research for you to find the best product combinations for different skin concerns. Take your skin quiz and read our blogs which aim to empower you to make the best decisions for your skin needs.

About the Author: Anna Puri

Dr Anna Puri is an Aesthetic doctor and GP with over 14 years experience in both the medical and aesthetic fields. She completed her undergraduate training at the University of St Andrews and University of Manchester. She continues to work both as an Aesthetic doctor at her clinics in Ascot and Kew and as a GP. Dr Anna brings her holistic approach to all aspects of the care she provides with a strong focus on advice and treatment that is specifically tailored to her patients expectations and needs. She has worked with cosmeceutical skin care brands and treated a wide range of skin concerns for over a decade. Dr Anna has a special interest in Antiaging skincare and procedures . Dr Anna's work has been featured in various magazines including Lux and The Aesthetics Journal. You can follow Dr Anna on the SkinoraUK instagram page and Skinora YouTube channel.

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Last update: March 31st, 2021

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