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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Tik Tok trend the ‘Skincare Breakfast’

TikTok has become a hub for skincare trends, information, and advice (though remember to check anything you see with a dermatologist first)! One of the latest trends to emerge is the concept of a ‘skincare breakfast’, which does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s the act of nourishing your skin with the right foods for glowing skin first thing in the morning.


What is a ‘Skincare Breakfast’?

It’s important to note that this holistic trend encompasses more than just eating your way to better skin. It’s the act of enhancing your skincare routine with the right foods, so you should already be using the correct products and reducing your exposure to sun damage and other free radical damage as best you can.


How did the phrase ‘Skincare Breakfast’ come to be?

The phrase originated on TikTok, after being used by influencer Alice C Sun, who posted a video about remedying dry skin by eating foods that would promote good skin hydration and moisture retention (such as salmon, cucumber, cabbage, and kimchi.


With the video quickly amassing 600,000 views, the influencer began posting more content revolved around the ‘skincare breakfast’, including advice on diet to achieve a glowing complexion.


What is the legitimacy of the Skincare Breakfast trend?

There is no doubt that what you eat can affect your skin, but there is no sure-fire and proven way to eat your way to better skin, as it were. The one guaranteed way of enhancing and improving your skin from within is to stop smoking and vaping. Avoiding foods known to cause inflammation such as processed foods is also a great endeavour, as many of these foods can cause flare ups of existing skin conditions.


The link between your gut (microbiome) and skin health is always worth remembering. Making sure your gut health is sound and protected from spikes in sugar levels. This involves drinking plenty of water, not exceeding the alcohol RDA, and including prebiotics and probiotics in your diet. Making sure your skin retains its naturally acidic pH level will also protect the skin’s homeostasis (ability to self-regulate when external conditions attempt to disrupt it).


Our advice for incorporating the Skincare Breakfast Trend

Eating a diet incorporating healthy fats (needed to maintain the lipids in your skin), antioxidants (protecting it from free radical damage) and protein (to maintain collagen and elastin levels to keep skin firm), will help to bolster other lifestyle factors like avoiding excess sun exposure, avoiding smoking, and using the right skincare ingredients and product formulations for your skin type.


Your products for happy skin


Unsure what your skin type is or anxious that you might be using the wrong products? Why not talk to one of the Skinora doctors? Knowing your skin type is the first step to winning at skincare maintenance. Our doctors have identified 24 skin types, through diligent research and clinical expertise – knowing your skin sub-type is vital information that can unlock radiant skin, reduce debilitating skin conditions, and help you feel more confident about your skin overall.

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Last update: November 4th, 2023

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