Gentle cleansers for dry skin
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Gentle Cleansers for dry skin

Gentle Cleansers for dry skin.

If the goal is to achieve smooth, glass-like, soft skin, this type of skin  will surely make you work for it and hard.

Keeping it hydrated, regularly exfoliating  and applying sunscreen to further protect it,  are all very important steps. But what about keeping it well cleansed without causing further dryness?

When it comes to skincare regime, cleansing your skin is a very important step, as it helps extract excess oils from your pores, unclogging them  and removes dead skin cells impurities. This further reduces the risk of breakouts and prevents inflammations from forming.

It can be hard however  for dry -skin sufferers to find a cleanser that doesn’t strip too much of the natural oils off.


Identify WHY your skin is dry



Is your dryness a condition or the result of a product trial gone wrong? If it’s your  actual skin type, here are common reasons for dry skin exacerbations:


  • Over exfoliating or over cleansing
  • Seasonal changes ,especially  during  Autumn and  Winter months
  • Showering with very hot water or taking frequent hot baths
  • Using central heating


Which takes us back to what ingredients should one with dry skin look for in a gentle cleanser ;  it’s crucial for this type of  skin to be kept moisturised; a gentle, non-pore clogging, cream-based cleanser  would make a great difference , for example.


At Skinora, we have a variety of great gentle cleansers designed for dry skin; check them out :




ZO Hydrating Cleanser




Key Benefits

Calms and soothes the skin.

Rids the skin of dirt, oil, and makeup without leaving a greasy residue.

Key Ingredients;

Allantoin-Soothes and calms skin.

Panthenol and glycerin– replenishes moisture, hydrates skin.





Skinceuticals Gentle Cleanser 



gentle cleansers

Key Benefits;

Conditions, soothes, and calms the skin.

Removes long-wear eye and face makeup

Non-comedogenic formula ideal for daily use

Gentle enough to be used several times a day.

Key Ingredients;

Orange Oil-a soothing antiseptic oil that helps calm sensitive or irritated skin.

Glycerin-humectant, keeps skin hydrated, supple and soft.







Exuviance Gentle Cleansing Crème

gentle cleanser

Key Benefits  

Gently washes away makeup and impurities

Lightly exfoliates and hydrates skin

Boosts softness and smoothness

Ideal for dry or sensitive skin

Key Ingredients;

Gluconolactone: boosts the skin’s texture for a smoother complexion.

Botanical Extracts: hydrate, comfort and soothe dry or irritated skin.





NeoStrata Restore Facial Cleanser

gentle cleanser

Key Benefits;

Formulated with a gentle PHA exfoliant

Removes makeup and impurities without causing irritation

Ideal for a variety of skin types, including sensitive and reactive skin

Soap-free and fragrance-free


Key Ingredients; Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA): acts as a gentle exfoliant.



Avène Xeracalm Oil


Key Benefits;

Formulated with minimal ingredients to reduce risk of allergies

Suitable for dry to ezcema prone skin in babies, children and adults

Fragrance and Paraben-Free


Key Ingredients; 

Avène Thermal Spring Water: soothes, softens and calms the skin.

I-modulia®: reduces itching and redness.

Castor Oil: smooths fine lines and wrinkles.

AHAs: loosen dead skin cells.

Amino Acids: keeps skin soft and smooth.

Vitamin E: protects and repairs.

Antioxidants: to retain youthfulness.




Obagi Nuderm Gentle Cleanser


Key Benefits 

This gentle cleanser hydrates and balances  sensitive skin

Gently removes oil make up and everyday impurities from the skin surface.

Soothing and lightweight formula with mild and gentle ingredients.

Key Ingredients;

Apricot Kernal Oil, Glycerin, Herb extracts -provide gentle hydration and nourish skin.

Aloe vera– soothes skin.

Oat amino acids-effectively and thoroughly deeply cleanse skin removing impurities.



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Last update: January 6th, 2022

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