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Coming Out of Lockdown with Great Skin


Coming out of lockdown with great skin

After a long winter and a tough lockdown, we’re finally starting to look ahead to a better spring. There’s nothing better at this time of year than giving yourself some TLC so you can step into spring with your best skin yet. Our  top tips will help ensure your skin is healthy, glowing and you feel confident with it too.

Manage your makeup

Our skin benefits hugely when it is given a chance to breathe, so try to reduce how often you wear full coverage makeup. A typical skin cycle is between 4-6 weeks and giving your skin a rest will help it self-regulate better, which means oil production and hydration will be improved.

It’s also important to take time to review if you are wearing the right makeup for your skin type, as the wrong makeup for your skin will clog pores and potentially cause irritation. If you know you have sensitive skin, always opt for perfume and fragrance-free formulas, and where possible, use hypoallergenic makeup to avoid allergic reactions. For those with oily or combination based skin, water-based moisturisers, primers, foundation and concealers will sit much better on the skin, will avoid clogged pores and prevent your skin from getting oilier as the day goes on.

Avoid face wipes

No matter how tempting it may be at the end of the day, avoid using face wipes. Rather than cleansing skin they simply move oil and dirt around the face. Face wipes often contain drying agents which strip the skin of its natural oils so disrupting your skins natural pH balance. as well as the protective layer on the skin which helps to retain moisture and keep out irritants. In additon the scrubbing action used tor emove make up with a wipe can leave skin red and irritated. Instead opt for micellar water or cleansing balms or oils  as your first cleanse and follow this up with a water soluble cleanser suited to your skin type.

Daily Sunscreen

It’s beneficial for your skin to wear daily SPF even in winter months, but as we move into spring, it is essential to protect your skin. UV light can degenerate your skin cells which in tunr can lead to clogged pores as well as fine lines and wrinkles. Apply a broad spectrum SPF regularly throughout the day and make sure you reapply after exercising or if your skin gets wet. You may not see an immediate difference, but in the long run, your skin will thank you for this daily protection.

Incorporate Antioxidants

Not only great for your body, but Antioxidants can also transform your skin too! The most well studied, L- Ascorbic acid (Vitmain C) is a powerful antioxidant that can fight against everyday pollution. Pollutants can cause inflammation, leading to breakouts, reduced collagen and dark spots from excess melanin production, so incorporating vitamin C into your skincare routine will protect it from the impact of pollutants. Vitamin C willl also brighten your skin and boost collagen.

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Beware the smartphone

Be sure you clean your mobile regularly! They can carry a significant amount of bacteria and when your phone screen then mixes with your makeup and skin oils, it can become a breeding ground for further bacteria on your skin. Clean your phone screen regularly with an alcohol or antibacterial wipe, and where possible use headphones for phone calls instead.

Maintain hydration

You get out what you put in and this always shows with your skin. Too much tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and alcohol can lead to dehydration which will make your skin look dull and tired. You should aim to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, so switch out some of your other drinks for a glass of water, or try a large water bottle to help you keep track of how much water you are drinking throughout the day. You’ll quickly begin to notice breakouts clearing and your skin will look brighter and feel plumper.


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About the Author: Anna Puri

Dr Anna Puri is an Aesthetic doctor and GP with over 14 years experience in both the medical and aesthetic fields. She completed her undergraduate training at the University of St Andrews and University of Manchester. She continues to work both as an Aesthetic doctor at her clinics in Ascot and Kew and as a GP. Dr Anna brings her holistic approach to all aspects of the care she provides with a strong focus on advice and treatment that is specifically tailored to her patients expectations and needs. She has worked with cosmeceutical skin care brands and treated a wide range of skin concerns for over a decade. Dr Anna has a special interest in Antiaging skincare and procedures . Dr Anna's work has been featured in various magazines including Lux and The Aesthetics Journal. You can follow Dr Anna on the SkinoraUK instagram page and Skinora YouTube channel.

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Last update: March 24th, 2021

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