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Charlotte’s Skin Journey

Hi, I’m Charlotte, a 32 year old Londoner (which explains the eye-bags above!) looking for guidance to improve my skin.


After growing tired of my usual skin routine a few months ago, I started looking at different products to incorporate  for a bit of a change. Unfortunately, with so much information out there I purchased a few products that made my relatively clear skin breakout everywhere. It not only knocked my self-confidence, it showed me how out-of-touch I was with my skin. This is how I found Skinora, I knew I needed professional advice, without the sales pitch, purely based on my skin. Skinora really appealed to me – I loved the idea of speaking to a doctor, not a commissioned sales person, and I really wanted to gain knowledge about my skin so I could understand what it needed. As ever, I did my research and saw a full consultation was the first step, and even better – it could be done in my lunch break over Zoom or a phone call as I preferred! Before the consultation I was asked to fill out a questionnaire, which was very thorough and also asked to take a picture. To me, all of this was proof that the doctor I would soon see was going to be informed and up-to-date on my skin and concerns, another plus!

The consultation

I had wondered if it would be difficult to discuss my skin issues over zoom, but in fact it was so simple! Being able to do this in about 20 minutes in my lunch break was even better. I had my consultation with the lovely Dr Anna Puri, who immediately made me feel at ease and relaxed. What followed was quite honestly one of the most informative and interesting discussions I’ve had for a long time. I learnt things I never knew about my skin: crucially that I’d mistakenly always thought my skin was dry, when in fact it’s slightly oily. Dr Anna was well-versed on my questionnaire and was ready to explain all of the little issues I was having, so that I understood why and how to treat them. We went through my routine (I embarrassingly admitted I didn’t use sunscreen every day!) and I was impressed to hear I could continue to use some of my current products, another sign that I wasn’t in a full sales pitch. Once she’d covered how to rework my routine and helped me to understand why my skin was breaking out, we moved on to products. I liked that Dr Anna gave me a few different options and price points to think about, and it was interactive as well so I could see what the products were like out of the box. Finally we discussed retinol, a product I was interested to try but nervous because I didnt know how to incorporate it into my routine.Dr Anna explained how it worked and how to start using it so my skin could get accustomed to it without any damage. One of the main aspects of Skinora that really appealed to me was the aftercare. Dr Anna explained that I could call or email any questions I had to herself or any of the doctors in the team, and we would follow up again 4-6 weeks later to see how I was finding everything, which totally put me at ease, knowing I could get advice if I needed it.

I left feeling so much more confident already, I was excited to try a few products that I logged on to my account and found all of the recommended items from our consultation saved for me already – so I didn’t need to take notes!

‘The Box’                                                                                                                                                                                                   

I was very excited to receive my Skinora package a few days later, and even more so when I saw how lovely all of the    packaging was! Inside were all of the lovely new products, as well as some samples personalised to my skin type to trial which was a nice touch.  More than anything, I loved the instruction card and information pack. The handwritten instruction card from my doctor (which was a really nice touch!) is very personalised and brilliant! I keep it in the bathroom and follow it each time I wash my face, it’s such a handy reference and is especially helpful when starting out with Retinol, which I needed to use carefully for the first few weeks to ensure my skin could get used to it. Other great bits were the  product size guide, which has a gorgeous photo of the right size amount to use for each product, safe to say my eyeballing has led to me using far more than I needed in the past, so I keep that on my dresser as a daily reminder. There was also lovely handwritten notes and a few inspirational messages as well, the presentation and care that went into my box was touching and personalised just for me, it stood out from any other skin service I’ve ever used before.

My Results

I’ve been using my lovely products for a few weeks now, and have to say I love the look and feel of my skin! The serums Dr Anna recommended have done exactly as promised, smoothed and hydrated my skin, but the best part is it absorbs quickly so I don’t need to stand around fanning my face! I found having the instruction card in the bathroom was so useful as I got used to my new routine quickly. I also felt reassured after receiving written instructions on using Retinol correctly as well. The little samples included that were selected for my specific skin type are also great, they will be my next purchase.The follow up texts and call with my doctor has also been really helpful and very reassuring.

I also love the detailed newsletters and blog posts Skinora put out and have learnt some interesting facts about skin and how it works. There’s so much out there that it can be a bit overwhelming and I think this is where I’ve gone wrong before, but it’s great to now get the right information from a trusted medical source.


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Last update: April 25th, 2021

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