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A Yes or No Travel guide; How to land looking radiant











Put your hand up if you’ve ever suffered a horrible breakout while on holiday ?

If you live and breathe skin care, I’m sure you’ve learnt along the way   how important it is to keep yours protected  when travelling.  As much as going abroad is fun and a great way to give yourself a break , it can also be the period where  your skin  decided to become your worst enemy .

From icky, recycled plane air  to forgetting  your sunscreen AGAIN  to deciding to use that  random gentle  cleanser from the bathroom arrangements in your  hotel room.

Yes. There are many ways  we could mess with our skin when abroad . But what are the dos and don’ts? The experts have their say.



Yes to : a great travel-sized gentle cleanser

Make-up, plane air, sweat…. it is VERY important to cleanse your skin thoroughly, especially after a long day of travelling. Your pores will thank you. The experts’ favorite in this case is the gorgeous Avene 3 in 1 make-up remover. No need to rinse this bad boy off; simply wipe it away with a cotton pad after thoroughly massaging  it  into the skin of the face , lips and around the eyes.  The RIGHT way to start off a vacation if you ask me ! Type it in on the search bar above.














No to: whipping out one of THOSE  sheet masks on the plane!

Yes, I too have seen the countless celebrities ( talking about you Chrissy Teigen!) that have posted pics of themselves with a sheet mask planted on their face as they’re preparing to jet off  somewhere.  As much as it’s satisfying to put one on ,tour Skinora doctors recommend swapping  this one for a much more beneficial option; an overnight mask.  Double the moisture and duration. Less of the embarrassment and a quick-to-dry-out method. Our doctors suggestion on this one would be the Exuviance Deep Hydration Treatment.  Take a nap as this weapon’s key ingredients fight to fortify your skin’s protective barrier!

Yes to :  Sunscreen !

Our Skinora doctors cannot stress enough how important sunscreen is for your skin ESPECIALLY when travelling and therefore exposing yourself  to a different climate. For this, the Exuviance  Daily Defense Crème SPF 20 is the expert’s favorite  and most recommended; it protects your skin with its rich addition  of Vitamin E, keeps it hydrated and with its spectrum of SPF, works hard to keep your skin out of harm’s way .  Make sure you apply this beauty 15 minutes before basking in the sun !

Exuviance Essential Daily Defense Creme SPF20

No to : overdoing it!

Why is it that a lot of us think that vacation = overload of products and clothes. When it comes to skin, the experts remind us that less is ALWAYS  more. Extremely sensitive skin? Prone to breakouts?  Skin  quick to dry out no matter the amount of moisturiser? Keep it simple. A few spritzes of special water sprays like the gorgeous   La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Thermal Water or a lightweight hydrating serum like the  Medik8 Hydr8 Intense will do the trick. Find out more on our website !




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Last update: October 17th, 2021

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