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Where to spend and when to splurge

It’s easy to get sucked in the ‘I’ve got to get rid of my hyperpigmentation fast so whatever looks like would do the job and is expensive, I’m buying right now’ mindset.
A lot of us believe that the price of a product directly tells of its efficiency, strength and overall performance.

Or is it?
What if we told you that THAT isn’t always the case?

Make-up removers

La Roche-Posay Cleansing milk

Are you a make-up lover like myself? The removal process isn’t as fun as the applying, am I right? It is however a very important step when it comes to keeping your skin fresh and thoroughly cleansed; your pores are counting on you girl!
Should you splurge though? We don’t think so! Choosing the right remover shouldn’t cause a dent in your purse. Choose a product that contains the main ingredients you know your type of skin needs.
If you’re planning of DIY, research each ingredient before mixing!

A great example of ‘not too expensive and does the trick’ is La Roche-Posay Cleansing Milk Remover; this simple bu effective sunscreen and make up remover can be found on our website. It gently cleanses your skin, eliminating impurities and leaving your skin hydrated with its high concentration of selected ingredients and enrichment of Thermal Spring Water.


Moisturisers are another one of those products that is hard to choose from the array of ones that are on the market nowadays; the glossy one, the strawberry-smelling one, the ones with specs of glitter…
However, it is imperative to once again remind ourselves that less is more when it comes to skin; a few effective and concentrated ingredients can do wonders compared to a generic product with lots of gloss, glitter and additional fruit smell! On this one, the experts say that it’s a good idea to spend on a decent one.
Take the Skin Type Quiz on our website to find out what moisturiser works better for your skin type.



The common myth on sunscreens is that we only need to apply them when we’re at the beach; not true! Like brushing your teeth and applying deodorant, sunscreen should not be skipped.
Most of us hardly ever touch it, myself included sadly. But it’s a very important addition when it comes to keeping your skin protected at all times from the harsh damage UVA and UVB rays the sun emits. These rays can do serious damage to unprotected skin.

Corrective products

Corrective products such as retinol and acids of any kind are better bought in pure concentrated forms through skin experts who have real insight on what your skin needs and what needs to be targeted. It’s ok to go ‘luxury’ on these as opposed to getting the ‘dupe’ or cheaper version that could contain preservatives; the wrong product could cause irreversible damage to your skin. It’s always better to prevent than to cure!


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Last update: October 5th, 2021

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