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5 Ways To Keep Your Skincare Routine Germ Free

If you’ve been diligent in taking your make-up off, being consistent with your skincare routine, but you’re still experiencing breakouts, it could be down to habits that aren’t dictated by your skincare routine, but that are associated with germs. The presence of germs is a one-way ticket to breakouts and poor skin, even if you’re using the best products on this earth.

This brings us onto 5 ways you can keep your skincare routine germ-free, which will only lead to better skin.

Wash those hands

In the covid era, this may seem like a very obvious tip, but it’s one worth drilling in all the same. Failing to wash your hands before applying your skincare products will lead to one thing – germs that settle and multiply.


Let your serum be hands-free

You know the stoppers that come with your serum? They’re actually there for a really useful reason – the help you avoid having the serum in direct contact with your hands or skin. When using your serum, drop it into a well in your hand, then use the finger of your other hand to carefully dab it onto your skin.


Give your make-up brushes a spring clean

It’s really easy to forget that your make-up brushes do need some attention from time to time. What better time than the end of spring to give your brushes a clean if you haven’t for a couple of months. This will make sure any accumulation of germs won’t settle and irritate your skin when you’re applying your make-up each day.


Use an applicator for your moisturiser

Dipping fingers into a moisturizer jar (especially if you don’t regularly sanitise your hands) is never going to end well. If you do often forget to sanitise your hands, place your moisturizer into a bottle with an applicator so that contact with your fingers becomes minimal.

Sharing (isn’t) caring!

In life, most of the time sharing with others is great, but not when it comes to your skincare products. Letting your friends and loved ones share your products will almost certainly cause microbes to gather and spread. You should absolutely avoid sharing eye product, as your eyes are the most vulnerable area of the face for drawing in bacteria and viruses, including the flu, colds and Covid.

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Last update: May 20th, 2022

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