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Chelsea’s Skin Journey





Introducing our Skin Ambassador of the month! We have been so proud of Chelsea’s  dedication to achieving her skin goals and her skin transformation has been pretty impressive. Found out how she trusted in Skinora to manage her skin and boost her confidence!



Hello, I’m Chelsea, 35 yrs. old, mum of a toddler and a full time NHS theatre nurse. I’ve always been an oily, acne-prone type of skin. I would get spots every now and then which really affected my self-confidence. I was desperate that I would try whatever I see on social media that I thought would work on my skin only to find out it made my skin worse.
A friend referred me to Skinora as she said that the doctors there were very accommodating and informative. I gave it a try and I’m glad that I did. It was all worth it.
Initially, there was a skin quiz I had to do on Skinora’s website and from there, a doctor will get in touch me. I had my consultation with Dr. Lucinda and she was so patient with all my concerns and queries. I felt comfortable opening up with her and didn’t feel ashamed of sending my photos. I like how it is tailored and personalised according to my skincare needs. She would clearly tell me what to expect or how my skin would probably react (purging) on a certain product. Their service doesn’t end with me purchasing their products but it has a continuity of follow up checks on how my skin is responding on the products. Honestly, it never felt like it was sales or anything. She would just recommend products that are suitable for my skin.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Oh my favourite thing in the world! I always feel excited whenever I receive my Skinora box. I like how it is securely and properly packed. It always come with free samples personalised on my skincare needs. A personalised routine care card is included in the box which is really good. I like how quick and prompt they are in sending the products. With Skinora, you’ll definitely feel like a VIP. It’s my happiness in a box 🙂
My skincare journey hasn’t been straight forward. I have really sensitive skin and Dr. Lucinda is pretty much aware of it, so she’s always been careful and would monitor how my skin is getting on. I have experienced purging here and there. She was very patient and encouraging with me to keep going. I would usually update her on my skin condition. It wasn’t an overnight magic, it was a process. After weeks and months of continuous usage, my skin looks way finer and smoother. Yes, I would occasionally get a spot or two, but the blemish heals and fades quickly now. Skinora absolutely made a huge difference on how my skin looks now and definitely improved my confidence as well.

About the Author: Lucinda Appiah

Dr Lucinda Appiah studied Medicine and Haematology at Imperial College London from 2003-2009. She later went on to attain her postgraduate certification in Aesthetic Medicine at Queen Mary University in London with merit and trained with some of the top plastic surgeons and aesthetic medicine practitioners in the country. Dr Appiah also continues to practice as a GP and has extensive experience in treating a range of skin conditions. She has an empathetic approach to all skin concerns and has also had her own skin journey managing post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. She is passionate about working with brands that deliver results backed by science, empowering clients to explore new ingredients and grow their self confidence.

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Last update: March 30th, 2021

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